How to Take Care The Horn Jewelry

How to take care the horn jewelry

How to take care horn jewelry needs to be known as a customer. Horn necklace is one of the accessories that have a fairly high exchange value either in value or the value of art. Aside from being jewelry, horn necklaces are certainly also one form for collections that can be passed on to the next generation either to the children or relatives.

How to Take Care The Horn Jewelry

This collection of horn necklaces has a timeless model but even though the horn necklace is timeless, if the necklace is worn every day from time to time for a long time, then the polish will fade and not shine anymore.

The emission is not like when you first buy in a jewelry shop. You can find a lot of small dirt in the form of dust that sticks or can even be like stains of soap, lotions, talcum powder, sweat, perfume, etc.

If the horn necklace wants to be used for a long time and can be inherited to the children or grandchildren or even relatives, it is highly recommended to maintain and care. Here are some tips for caring for a horn necklace, including:

1. Avoid storing horn necklaces in containers shaped like metal or iron, because iron or materials made of metal are not good for any kind of jewelry storage. Although the horn necklace cannot experience the process of corrosion or rusting but can change the color of our horn necklace to dull. Try to keep the horn necklace in a jewelry box coated with a soft cloth and not mixing it with any other type of jewelry.


2. When horn necklace has faded, dirty or dull, then a fairly simple way to clean it is by soaking it with soapy water. Soaking time is around 3 to 5 minutes. Do not forget to brush slowly using a toothbrush, not brushed hard because it will make scratches on the surface of the necklace. The use of cloth with a soft towel is strongly recommended, in addition to avoiding scratches on your horn necklace, it also avoids the occurrence of fingerprints that are still attached to the surface of the necklace.

If you want maximum results, you can use a microfiber cloth that is used to clean the glasses. The eyeglass cloth material is finer than the type of cloth generally made of cotton or other types of material.

This very soft microfiber eyeglass cloth is effective and safe to clean the surface of the glasses from dust, oil and other impurities that are difficult to escape and stick to the surface of the necklace.

How to Take Care Horn Jewelry While Doing Sports

3. When you do sports you will sweat a lot, it is advisable not to use your horn necklace because the acid in sweat can fade the glint of your horn necklace. If there are no important activities such as parties, social gatherings with friends or meetings outside, you should just take off the necklace. If any type of necklace used more often, it will accelerate the fading process of the necklace’s color.

Use only at the event if you want to leave the house and when you want to sleep it is recommended to open it, and put it in the shade. Avoid using it when you sleep.



You can also take care of other necklaces such as gold necklaces or diamond or pearl necklaces and some other types of jewelry in the way mentioned above. Please read back on how to take care the horn jewelry that can be practiced at home.