Why Buffalo Horn Chain Necklace is a Fancy Necklace

Why Buffalo Horn Chain Necklace is a Fancy Necklace

Buffalo horn chain accessories such as horn chain necklace is one type of necklace material that has always been liked by women, especially socialites. That is because the material, besides being a classic, is also a timeless style.


In addition, there are more leading fashion houses are using horn material as the main material of their necklaces. One of the leading fashion houses that use is Hermes Paris. Besides that, fashion houses from outside namely Ashley Pittman and Maiyet also use horns as material for their jewelry.


Therefore, it is not surprising that the necklace made from horn material is increasingly glimpsed by women, especially the socialites. They not only care because the model is luxurious but also because the material is made from recycled material so they are interested in using it. The earth is increasingly protected because the necklace is used the waste from the food industry, namely cows and buffalo which have been used as food, and the horns have become waste.


Buffalo Horn Chain Necklace is a Timeless Jewelry

Clothing or jewelry worn around the neck, this is the basic dictionary definition for necklaces. However, the necklace used to have more meaning than just a simple fashion accessory that complements a trendy casual or elegant dress. For ancient people, necklaces attached to necks meant more than mere decorative items: first of all, the process of making them was far more difficult than now, and such jewelry was clearly used to suggest some form of differentiation or belonging to groups or classes. Social status can also be seen from the selection of necklaces worn. Wood, stone, plant beads, shells, gems, etc, are all used in necklace jewelry designs. The more classic the material used is more classic and luxurious in the eyes of the viewer.


The symbolism of the past has partially persisted in the special nature of certain types of necklaces. For example, many Christians now use the cross as a symbol of faith or show their determination. Such a necklace is considered to protect and help the wearer in difficulties with his direct relationship with Jesus Christ, his love and sacrifice for humanity. However, there are some who wear cross necklaces because of mere decorative pleasure, without attaching hidden meanings to them. Things like that will definitely explain various kinds of jewelry such as necklaces with other religious symbols that are currently available on the market.


The way a woman wears a necklace is completely different from the way a man does it. This is basically relevant to the fact that for the latter, a necklace is a way to draw attention to the cleavage. The point is of course not sensuality, but to show the feminine meaning to the woman. A necklace does not suggest sexuality; it is just an accent of femininity, charm, elegance and subtle curves of a delicate neck.

Conversely, if used by men on the other hand, they wear several types of choker necklaces that have a merely decorative function. But they still send a clear message about the wearer: she is interested in good looks, trendy in style.


Buffalo Horn Chain Necklace as a gift

Offering a necklace as a gift is more common today, and we often have a tendency to attach some form of emotional value to it. Even the most common necklace can mean wealth for someone when it’s more than just a good appearance. Except for unique cases like that, wearing a necklace is now part of our daily routine that requires us to look good and trendy both for ourselves and for others. Thus the horn chain necklace provides benefits not only for beauty but also shows the owner’s taste for jewelry.